About Us

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to contribute to a world in which evidence-based decision-making becomes the standard for the implementation of any intervention.

Our mission is to make a difference by enabling organisations to increase the impact of their interventions and reduce the complexity of programme implementation with our expertise in monitoring, evaluation, digitalisation and IT solutions.

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Mainlevel Consulting AG is a Germany-based consultancy company established in 2016. It started with a simple conversation between our three founders about the increasing demand of monitoring and evaluation in the development cooperation sector and how information and communication technology can make it more effective, robust and efficient. The idea was born for Mainlevel as a bridge between M&E and digitalisation.

Today, Mainlevel proudly provides services in monitoring, evaluation and digitalisation to organisations in the public and private sector. From developing digital monitoring systems and conducting evaluations to strategic guidance on digitalisation and developing IT solutions, we are committed to enabling our clients to manage complex programmes more effectively and efficiently.

Why the name ‘Mainlevel’? First, our headquarter is located in the Rhein-Main region of Germany. Secondly, we wanted to highlight the fact that both our monitoring and evaluation approaches always consider different levels of results. The word Mainlevel was formed. After a year of operation, we expanded our operation to Berlin in December 2017. We are proud to work in various projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


  1. Foundation of Mainlevel

    Mainlevel Consulting AG was founded by Dr Felipe Isidor-Serrano, David Haasner and Olaf Haasner. Since its foundation in late 2016, Mainlevel has supported many organisations and institutions in the public and private sector.

  2. Quick growth 

    First project awards allow Mainlevel to welcome three more full-time consultants from the field of IT solutions and M&E. This was just the start…

  3. Discovering the world

    After only six months of operations, we were proud to provide our IT and M&E services to projects in Africa, Asia and Europe. This success made it possible to even grow further.

  4. One year of operation 

    As Mainlevel reached its second year, the company has already worked with over 10 clients in more than 20 countries. We thank our clients for the successful collaboration,  appreciation and the good reputation established in development cooperation.

  5. Opening of our office in Berlin

    Mainlevel widens its reach as we opened our Berlin office in December 2017.  Visit our consultants Daniel Brumund and Alice van Caubergh for a coffee and a chat about monitoring, evaluation and digitalisation. Our doors are always open to meeting you!

  6. Trainings for everyone

    Mainlevel started to offer trainings in the area of M&E and digitalisation tailored to anyone working in development cooperation – be it from donors, implementing agencies, civil society or the private sector.

  7. Presentation of our digital toolkit for M&E

    Mainlevel’s digital toolkit was presented to the public at our first “Open Day” in Eschborn which was well attended. The month after it was internationally launched on our webinar, reaching many attendees from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. We thank all who participated in these two events and appreciate the positive feedback given to us.

  8. Two years of operation

    After two years,  Mainlevel’s team size has increased to 15 consultants from diverse cultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds. They have worked on over 45 assignments in over 30 different countries. This is not the end.