Digital M&E Toolkit

Our digital M&E toolkit supports all components of monitoring and evaluation. Built on your theory of change, it enables you to monitor your results, collect and analyse data, visualise your progress in real-time and create automated reports. Start managing your knowledge more effectively and turn it into evidence-based actions that advance your vision.

ToC-IT: Operationalise your theory of change model and indicators

Use our online tool to intuitively develop a theory of change model and easily map results on different levels. Define and manage indicators relating to your results along with baselines, milestones and targets. Then decide on the most suitable methods for measuring your indicators – manually, with surveys or via external sources.

Collect-IT: Create surveys and start collecting your monitoring data

Use our data collection tool to create custom surveys and start gathering valuable data to monitor your results – via web browsers or mobile phones. With our Android app you can easily collect and submit data even in remote areas. Should the network fail you, your data is safely stored until you can go online again. You can also import your existing data or from external data sources.

Analyse-IT: Track and visualise your progress for instant insights

Use our data analysis tool to process your monitoring data into valuable information, track your progress and visualise your indicator achievement. The customisable online dashboard gives you a real-time overview of all data and enables you to quickly extract the insights you need to steer your organisation and projects.

Report-IT: Create automated progress and monitoring reports

Use our reporting tool to create customisable, automated reports that allow you to efficiently communicate your progress to your partners, donors and beneficiaries. It will enable you and your stakeholders to appreciate your achievements, learn from challenges and improve strategic decision-making

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What is a "Digital M&E Toolkit"?

Our toolkit offers you the full package for monitoring and evaluation. Built on your theory of change or results model, it enables you to monitor and analyse your results, visualise them in real-time and create automated progress reports. It helps you manage your knowledge and turn it into effective, evidence-based actions that advance your vision.

Who can use this toolkit?

We built our toolkit with a focus on projects and programmes in international development cooperation. Therefore project managers, M&E officers and M&E departments of organisations operating in international development cooperation will find it most useful.

Can I choose between different modules?

We always customise our toolkit to the specific needs of your project or organisation. This means that we will thoroughly analyse your M&E requirements and advise on the most suitable combination and complexity of our modules.

Is my data safe?

Mainlevel is proud to be a member of the initiative “Cloud Services Made in Germany”.  We ensure that your data is safe and that our toolkit adheres to the latest EU data regulations. Our preferred solution to store your data in an ISO-certified datacentre in Germany. However, if your project requires, we can also set up the toolkit in your preferred server infrastructure.

How much does it cost?

We highly value your organisation’s specific needs and allocated budget. This is the main reason why we strongly recommend to have a one-on-one consultation with our consultants.