Mainlevel uses state-of-the-art technologies that help us build light-weight, fast and efficient IT solutions for your organisation and projects. And we are always eager to explore new technologies and ways to improve our skills for an even better support of your projects.

Web-based technologies

To create a light-weight, self-explainatory and easy to maintain frontend, we are working a lot with JavaScript based technologies, mainly React. Our best experiences we made with Google’s Material UI, which supports us to build solutions secure, fast and cost-efficient.

o   Javascript

o   React / Redux

o   Material UI / Google Material Design

To provide secure and fast, as well as rich in features, backend solutions, we focus on Java based technologies, for standalone and web based solutions. For data management we work can offer a high level of experience with   the Spring framework. If your project demands a cloud based solution, we can offer our rich experience with Netflix OSS, which provides a broad pool of tools and features for all kind of solutions.

o   Java

o   Spring Boot / Spring Cloud / Spring Data

o   Netflix OSS

Mobile technologies

As mobile accessibility to content gets standard and mandatory nowadays, especially regarding all the benefits it brings along for interactivity and data gathering, we provide our expertise in this field. To meet the needs of cost efficiency, we concentrate on app development for Android devices, using React Native as coding base.
For applications with less needs of custom development, we offer App-development using the Ionic framework for example. 

o   Android

o   Ionic-most important 

o   React Native

Database/Data science

To provide the best solution with the highest benefit, we use different database types, according to the technical needs of the project.

When there is a need for data analysis, evaluation and presentation, we prefer Neo4J. this database type has a very specific way of handling data. This specialty brings possibilites to build visualisations easily based on the collected data, which can reduce efforts in evaluation and report preparations.

Regarding data storage we use a NoSQL solution, namely MonogoDB. This database is designed to store a high volume of data without an underlying table schema. It gets very benefitial, when your database is getting bigger and bigger but the effort for datarelations remains nearly the same, regardless the size.

As a lot of web based applications still use MySQL, we keep our expertise always up to date, to be able to interact and cross-work with these applications easily and reduce the need for a system redevelopment.

Explain advantages and use cases of different databases (analytics etc.)


o MongoDB


Identity and user management

It’s important to us to give you the full control about your application and data. To keep them safe, we use the Open Source Identity & Access Management tool Keycloak.

o   Keycloak

Software architecture

To increase reusability of developed code for a more efficient and quality oriented development, as well as to ensure scalability of the solutions, we are concentrating on Microservices Architecture. This features next to modular packaging, also easier and more precise service improvements.

o   Microservices Architecture

o   Flux

Project collaboration platform

Mainlevel is using an agile project management approach. Crucial to the success of our work is next to our passion, to keep our processes clean and easy to follow and our knowledge documented and well structured. To be able to do so, we are working with various Atlassian’s tools. For documentation we are using Confluence, which is a Wiki system, that is easy to connect to the other tools. Jira provides us a great ticketing system, that helps us to structure our processes and keep them in track. Our development relies on Bamboo for continues integration and Bitbucket to track and control our deployments. The already mentioned possibility to easy connect these tools brings us a high benefit in reducing communication chains and reduce infromation loss inbetween.

 Explain the advantages of Platform (continuous integration).

o Confluence

o Jira

Bamboo, Bitbucket

Cloud native technologies

To deliver easy-to-install and update applications, we are working with technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. With our high level of expericence with these technologies, we can support you with an easy and safe distribution of you applications. By the way, we are certified as ‘cloudservices – Made in Germany‘.

o   Docker

o   Kubernetes

Do you want to translate these complex technological ideas into action?

Nico, our Chief Technology Officer, is more than happy to talk to you!