The rapid pace of digital innovation is transforming how your organisation operates. For us technology is never an end in itself – but a means to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes and interventions. Mainlevel combines strategic consultancy on digitalisation with IT development to support organisations in the development cooperation, humanitarian and academic sector improve their monitoring, programme outreach, data management and communication.

Consultancy services

Mainlevel supports you with every aspect towards digitalisation – whether you are starting with a digital idea or already have an existing system that needs improvement. Our individual services are part of a holistic process aimed at conceptualising, developing and implementing digital solutions that help you improve the quality and impact of your interventions. Our services include:

Needs analysis

Analysing your existing processes, structures or systems to understand your challenges and help you unlock the benefits of IT solutions to address them

Technical specifications

Working with you to identify appropriate IT solutions and to define their technical requirements from a user perspective based on your needs

Usability design

Ensuring that your IT solutions are user-friendly and intuitive by developing usability concepts tailored to the digital literacy, habits and expectations of the target users

Software development and implementation

Building flexible IT solutions in an agile way and introducing them from the pilot phase to their sustainable up-scaling

Agile project management

Supporting you to closely involve stakeholders using agile methods and collaborative online tools

Digital communication

Devising and implementing digital communication strategies that help you improve the outreach of your interventions through the whole range of online media.

Unlocking the potential of data and ICT for sustainable development

More and more people, even in remote areas, have access to information and communication technologies (ICT) that give them unprecedented opportunities to access and share information. ICT can make sustainable development more inclusive, efficient and innovative. These digital benefits unfold when people – not technologies – are at the centre of development. ICT are most powerful when they amplify people’s capabilities to realise their aspirations and when they help people make informed choices on how to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

Mainlevel has a passion for organisations and projects that aim to bring about positive change in the world. We support you in identifying and applying ICT that improve the effectiveness and impact of your interventions. Examples of our past assignments include:

Facilitating the identification and service delivery to poor households in Cambodia through a web-based registration system

Improving citizen engagement with local government in Lesotho through an SMS-based system

Empowering young volunteers in South Africa and Lesotho to organise meaningful activities through an Android app

Sensitising women in Lesotho to coping strategies for gender-based violence and facilitating access to services through a mobile app

Our approach


Changing demands require flexible methods and planning. We use agile project management based on SCRUM to allow for early testing, piloting and evidence-based development.


It is our philosophy that digitalisation and IT solutions always focus on the users and their needs first so that we empower them.

Digital Principles

We endorse the Principles for Digital Development as best practices for how we develop and apply IT solutions to development organisations, programmes and interventions.


We connect sectors and promote innovation with our interdisciplinary team of M&E and digitalisation experts as well as IT developers.