Monitoring the progress and impact is essential for the transparent, accountable and informed management of your projects, programmes and interventions. If you want to analyse your capability for efficient and effective monitoring, improve existing monitoring mechanisms or set up a new monitoring system, Mainlevel is your partner.

Consultancy Services

Mainlevel develops monitoring mechanisms and systems and provides organisational development support that enable you to easily track and analyse your progress, effectively report on your achievements and take evidence-based decisions. We provide expertise in all aspects related to monitoring – among others, we support you in…

Theory of change & results models

Developing solid theory of change as basis for your monitoring


Identifying and formulating indicators allowing the measurement of your qualitative and quantitative data

Data collection

Identifying relevant and accessible data sources and developing adequate, efficient data collection methods

Data processing

Effectively processing and analysing collected data to gain the insights you need


Developing convincing reports on your progress and achievements

Organisational development

Analysing your capability and readiness for robust monitoring and providing organisational recommendations

Results communication

Finding the best way to communicate and visualise your results

Capacity development

Increasing your monitoring capacities through tailored capacity development measures

IT Solutions

From customised Excel sheets to web-based systems and mobile apps, Mainlevel develops digital solutions that make your monitoring more user-friendly, efficient and effective. We help you identify the most suitable solution. If you want we even develop and implement it tailored according to your needs.