Research and Studies

Projects sometimes require support that go beyond classical evaluations or monitoring assignments. If you want to conduct specific assessments that complete your monitoring and evaluation data or if you need support to increase the impact of your current M&E activities, Mainlevel is your partner.

Consultancy services

Mainlevel supports the design, implementation and evaluation of projects, programmes, strategies or organisational performance with targeted studies and research activities. Thereby, we are able to provide you with robust baseline or endline information, information on the feasibility of a planned project and tools and guidance on how to communicate your achievements efficiently and effectively. Among others, we support you in…

Baseline/endline studies

Gathering information on the baseline and endline situation of your project

Feasibility studies

Assessing the feasibility of your planned project by analysing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and potential impact of the desired objectives and foreseen activities against local context and beneficiaries needs.

Tracer studies

Capturing changes at various levels as well as determining the degree to which an intervention contributed to these changes

Development of research instruments

Developing specific and target group-oriented quantitative and qualitative research instruments based on empirically proven standards and psychological models

IT solutions

From online-survey to mobile data collection, Mainlevel develops and advises you on digital solutions that can improve the collection and analysis of your evaluation data.