Mainlevel endorses Principles for Digital Development

Mainlevel has proudly endorsed the internationally widely acknowledged Principles for Digital Development as best practices that guide our strategic consultancy on digitalisation and our development of digital technologies for development organisations, programmes and activities.

Given rapid spread of information and communication technologies (ICT) even to remote areas, people benefit from unprecedented opportunities to access and share information. ICT can make sustainable development more inclusive, efficient and innovative. These digital benefits unfold when people – not technologies – are at the centre of development. ICT are most powerful when they amplify people’s capabilities to realise their aspirations and when they help people make informed choices on how to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

Mainlevel has a particular passion for organisations and projects that aim to bring about positive change in the world – and we are dedicated to supporting them in identifying and applying ICT that improve the effectiveness and impact of their interventions. As an endorser of the Principles for Digital Development, we will seek to embody the concepts of the Digital Principles, represented in our work culture and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities.

If you’d like to find out more about our consultancy services on digitalisation – or how we apply the digital principles in our work – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at