ADC: Mid-term review of the Kosovo Country Strategy 2013-2018

Mainlevel’s Contribution

Mainlevel has recently concluded the mid-term review of the Kosovo Country Strategy 2013-2018 by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

Our review assesses the first phase of the strategy’s implementation and provides ADC with recommendations for adjustments and adaptations. These will support ADC with improving the further implementation of the country strategy as well as its future strategic approach to Kosovo. The evaluation was based on interviews with institutional partners (both Austrian and Kosovar), local partners and beneficiaries; six online and offline surveys to gather the feedback from ADC’s measures’ final beneficiaries; as well as an extensive document review.

Our team of internal and external consultants for this assignment is happy to see the final mid-term review report approved and published on ADC’s website.


Background Information

Austria is a long-standing partner of Kosovo’s development, with on-site presence since 2003. The current Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) support to Kosovo is implemented within the
scope of the 2013-2020 Kosovo Country Strategy (CS). The CS has two priority sectors: 1)Economic development focusing on rural areas, and 2) Support to the education system, with a
specific focus on Higher Education (HE). The CS covers one cross-cutting theme – governance –and two cross-cutting issues: gender equality and environment.

ADC is a recognised actor of Kosovo’s donor landscape supporting the sectors of higher education, research, vocational training and applied sciences, and working towards economic empowerment and employment in rural areas. The overarching goals of ADC’s 2013-2018 country strategy are poverty reduction, peace and human security, and support for European and regional integration of Kosovo.



Education and youth promotion


Austria, Kosovo

Contract period

August 2017 to January 2018

Evaluation, Monitoring
ADC, Country strategy, Evaluation, interviews, Kosovo, midterm review