ASPR: Enhancing Human Security in West Africa

Mainlevel’s Contribution

The final evaluation of the project follows the OECD-DAC criteria, applies the Kirkpatrick Model, and assesses cross-cutting themes such as capacity development and partnership, gender and human rights. The assignment includes field visits in Ghana and Austria, online interviews and document review. Mainlevel is highly motivated to conduct this final evaluation, since we consider it an outstanding opportunity to derive important lessons learnt on how capacity building initiatives and a multi-stakeholders vision (such as the Whole-Of-Government Approach) can contribute to a greater impact of humanitarian assistance, towards human security.

This assignment aims at evaluating:

  • the design and coherence of the project including its log frame;
  • the relevance of the project regarding local and regional requirements and necessities for capacity-building in the area of peace and security;
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of the project;
  • the performance and collaboration of project stakeholders and implementing agencies (KAIPTC, ASPR, ADA and other involved Austrian government agencies);
  • the short-term results and possible long-term impact produced;
  • the sustainability of the project results for the beneficiaries (such as KAIPTC and West African experts deployed in humanitarian missions);
  • the inclusion of cross-cutting themes such as gender and human rights.
  • It should also identify recommendations for future activities, with a particular focus on further capacity development interventions to be implemented as part of a possible new project phase.

Background Information

Mainlevel is currently evaluating the project “Enhancing Human Security through Capacity Building in Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa,” implemented by the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR), and the Kofi Annan International Peacebuilding Training Centre (KAIPTC). This project is the first Austrian-funded intervention in the security sector to be implemented through a whole-of-government approach (3C approach), bringing together the Federal Ministry of Defence and the Austrian Development Agency. The project brings together civilian, police and military forces, aiming to improve the coordination of responses to human-led or natural disasters in West Africa.



Peace security migration
Peace, security and migration


Contract period

March to May 2018

ASPR, Evaluation, West Africa