Bread for the World: Evaluation of the “Churches helping Churches” Programme

Mainlevel’s Contribution

We recently concluded the mid-term evaluation of the instrument of “small-scale project funding” for the worldwide programme “churches helping churches,” managed by Bread for the World.
This evaluation focused on over 150 small-scale projects that were carried out worldwide between 2010 and 2016. The main objective was an independent evaluation of the instrument “small-scale project funding,” focusing on objectives, principles and results and taking into account the OECD/DAC criteria. Further deliverables were recommendations for optimising the programme. Our consultants provided the following services:

• In-depth analysis of the program documents, relevant strategic documents and available secondary data;
• Development of the relevant Theory of Change model and of a dedicated evaluation matrix;
• Development of online survey questions and interview guidelines;
• Field visits to Argentina, Uruguay, Romania and Ukraine;
• Qualitative data collection through interviews in the field and a focus group discussion in Germany;
• Quantitative data collection through online surveys among project owners from over 150 projects, with following data analysis and representation;
• A final evaluation report which analyses and synthesises the elements resulting from the evaluation process.

For more information, read our executive summary of the evaluation on the Bread for the World website.


Background Information

This programme is based on solidarity between Christian churches and the principle of charity. The instrument of small-scale project funding was established within “churches help churches” programme in 2010 in order to support smaller, organisationally weaker churches in their projects without complicated administrative requirements.






Contract period

July to December 2017

Bread for the World, Brot für die Welt, Evaluation