DAAD: Evaluation of the Image Campaign “Study in Germany – land of ideas”

Mainlevel’s Contribution

Mainlevel has successfully conducted an evaluation of the international image campaign “Study in Germany – Land of Ideas” which the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is running on behalf of the German government. The evaluation assessed how the campaign’s audio-visual message formats succeed in raising awareness and motivating foreign university students to apply for a student exchange programme at a German university. The results of the evaluation will help the DAAD to improve the visual concept of the campaign and make its messaging more effective – thus attracting more highly qualified international students to German universities.

Mainlevel based the evaluation both on the Theory of Planned Behaviour (by Ajzen) as a psychological model that allows anticipating and explaining behaviour and robust empirical methods of social science. Our consultants conducted focus group discussions with over 100 students and professors in China, Russia, the USA, Mexico, India, Egypt and Cameroon as well as an online survey with a sample size of over 1.600 students.

Background Information

The international image campaign “Study in Germany – Land of Ideas” has been running since 2001 with the aim of promoting Germany’s university system and its student exchange opportunities in order to attract highly qualified international graduates and PhD students. The campaign messages consist of testimonials by current exchange students, graduates and researchers who share their experiences and insights from studying in Germany. These statements are presented in various formats such as videos, websites, posters and brochures.





Education and youth promotion


Germany, India, China, Egypt, Russia, USA, Mexico, Cameroon

Contract period

July to December 2017