GIZ: Developing a Results Communication Toolkit for the governance sector

Mainlevel’s contribution

The Working Group on Creative Impact Assessment (CIA) contracted Mainlevel to develop a practical methodology that supports governance projects in communicating their results.

Within this assignment, Mainlevel delivered three main services:

  • We conducted a thorough needs assessment among member projects which revealed valuable insights regarding expectations, challenges and opportunities that GIZ governance projects face when it comes to central aspects of results communication: i.e. data availability and provision as well as message development and dissemination.
  • We produced an interim research report that included a market analysis of how other donors and implementing agencies communicate and visualise their development results to a broader public.
  • Finally, based on the lessons from the needs assessment and the research report, we developed the hands-on Results Communication Toolkit that supports GIZ governance projects in efficiently, effectively and convincingly formulating result messages as well as in visualising them, if suitable.

The methodology underlying this toolkit can be broken down into three steps that help GIZ projects:

  1. Choose the type or level of results that should be the focus of the communication – i.e. project, partner, beneficiary or macro-level – and assess their own ‘data situation’ with a series of practical decision-trees aimed at accommodating widely heterogenous projects;
  2. Formulate the best possible result message at the chosen level taking into account the available primary and secondary data, as well as providing multiple practical examples; and
  3. Identify a suitable type of visualisation for the result message with guidance on how to produce charts, testimonials and infographics for results communication.


Background information

CIA – a cluster of the GIZ Good Governance Sector Network – has the mandate to provide information, guidelines and tools that support governance projects in effectively communicating their short-term, visible results and aggregated, sustainable impact in the governance sector. Communicating the results and impact of development projects to the right audiences is an important part of project implementation and management. Improving such communication of results – both internally and externally – contributes to transparency and accountability within projects and beyond. It is essential for raising awareness of achievements and bottlenecks which, in turn, contributes to better informed decision-making and evidence-based actions.




Governance, civic participation and accountability




September to November 2017

Digitalisation, Monitoring, Research and studies
Digitalisation, GIZ, governance sector, monitoring, needs assessment, results communication, SENECA