GIZ: Improving research instruments to support youth employment in Uganda

Mainlevel’s Contribution

Mainlevel supported the Uganda team of the GIZ global initiative YouMatch – Innovative Employment Services for Youth with technical advice on research instruments and M&E. Through the assignment, Mainlevel enabled the research team in Kampala to develop qualitative and quantitative research instruments for gathering data and evidence on internship practices. Apart from online distance support, Mainlevel conducted a four-day workshop in Kampala to jointly develop a structured process for data collection, entry and analysis as well as questionnaires for a large-scale survey of students and staff at six universities in Uganda and employers. Mainlevel also conducted three focus group discussions with students, university staff and employers to further inform the research instruments.


Background Information

In Uganda, the majority of youth are struggling to find a job and providing students with the right skills and opportunities to find a job is a growing challenge. “Towards a better job matching for youth, YouMatch“ is a global initiative to improve the matching between demand and supply on the labour market for youth implemented in different countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The Open Innovation Fund provides grants for applied research projects as well as for implementing, testing and showcasing innovative ap-proaches and solutions. Multi-sectoral projects in the field of employment services are supported for an implementation period of 6 months.

In Uganda, a research programme was launched to assess and provide policy recommendations on the issue of the lack of employability of young people. Particularly, the programme tends to analyse the process of internships as implemented in Uganda for University Students (in all academic sectors), considering the perspectives of student interns, universities and employers.

The specific objectives of the consultancy are as follows:

  • The capacities of the project team and researchers to develop research instruments are strengthened through a joint development of research instruments with project team;
  • The capacities of the project team and researchers to prepare structured data collection, entry and analyses are strengthened.


Education and youth promotion



Contract period

January 2018

Digitalisation, Evaluation, Monitoring
Digitalisation, GIZ, M&E, Uganda, YouMatch