UNRWA: Evaluating Palestine refugee project in Lebanon and Jordan

Mainlevel’s contribution

Our consultants have been tasked with conducting a mid-term review and final evaluation of the project. Mainlevel supported UNRWA by evaluating this critical and much-needed project.The evaluation includes the following tasks:

  • Document analysis and verification of existing secondary data;
  • Review of reporting documents and monitoring data;
  • Field study in Lebanon;
  • Individual interviews and focus group discussions with the beneficiaries;
  • Interviews with key stakeholders;
  • Preparation of a final evaluation report;


Background information

Through the project “Maintaining the Resilience of Palestine Refugees from Syria in Jordan and Lebanon”, UNRWA supports Palestine refugees from Syria in Lebanon and Jordan with various services to meet their essential humanitarian needs and have access to equitable protection services. The project is funded by the European Union Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (MADAD Fund).

The Syria Crisis has caused massive displacements of people in the region. Among those displaced are many Palestine refugees from Syria. Over 30,000 Palestine refugees from Syria have sought refuge in Lebanon and are currently recorded with UNRWA (as of August 2016). Due to the limited social protection services available to Palestine refugees in Lebanon, they are particularly vulnerable and face a marginalized existence.

According to UNRWA, almost 90 percent of these refugees are below the poverty line and 95 percent are food insecure. This points to a critical ongoing need for UNRWA to provide cash assistance, education and health services to mitigate their vulnerability, which is forcing many of them to flee the Middle East region. Their presence exacerbates the precarious condition of the ‘host community’ of an estimated 270,000 Palestine refugees already residing in Lebanon. Most Palestine refugees from Syria do not receive any assistance from other organisations and are thus reliant on UNRWA to help them meet their basic needs.



Humanitarian action, relief aid and resilience


Lebanon, germany

Contract period

January to March 2018

Evaluation, humanitarian, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, refugees, syria, UNRWA