Assessing the impact of Fairtrade on poverty reduction and rural development



This global research project commissioned by Fairtrade Germany and Austria aims to examine the contribution of Fairtrade in selected regions of Peru and Ghana. Comparing outcomes at the producer and cooperative level, the applied research builds on a strong set of primary data to draw conclusions on how Fairtrade impacts rural development.

Mainlevel’s contribution

  • Research of international standard: The study applies the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture (SAFA) framework
  • Examination of a longitudinal and cross-sectional perspective: The research analyses key changes in the cocoa, coffee and banana value chain between 2011 and today, comparing outcomes of Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade cooperatives
  • Data collection at a grassroots level: The findings draw on profound primary data at different levels, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data from the cooperative, farmers as well as community representatives
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Timeframe: 2021-2022