Our Services

We support our clients in the public, private, non-profit and international development sector with making evidence-based decisions, increasing their outreach and delivering impact and quality in complex environments.

What we do

Strategy & Organisational Development

Organisations can improve the quality of their output, performance and impact when adopting a data- and evidence-based approach to planning and management.

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Results-based Monitoring

A good monitoring system helps projects and organisations track their achievements, learn from challenges and improve their strategic decision-making.


Mainlevel evaluates projects, programmes, strategies and organisational performance with the aim of delivering insights into lessons learned and making recommendations.

Data & Information Management

Managing data and information is the basis for any organisation’s business intelligence and evidence-based decision-making. Digital tools make data collection, analysis and reporting processes more efficient and effective.

Digital Transformation

Using digital tools helps make organisations and their services more inclusive, efficient and innovative. Such benefits unfold when digital transformation is based on a thorough understanding of existing capabilities, needs and opportunities.

Capacity Development and Training

At Mainlevel, we deliver technical knowledge and cultivate hands-on skills, fostering effective organizational learning processes.

Agile Project Management

Digital transformation is a complex process that involves people, institutions and their environment. Implementing interventions in such a context requires agility to adapt to changing circumstances and requirements.

Applied Research & Studies

Projects sometimes require support that go beyond classical evaluations or monitoring assignments. We support our clients to conduct specific assessments that complement projects` M&E with either a methodological, sectoral or thematical focus.