Target group analysis for online German classes in Indonesia



With the Covid-19 pandemic, Goethe Institut Indonesia increasingly expanded online language course offers, opening up access to new target groups. To successfully address these new groups and increase the number of language course participants, Goethe-Institut Indonesia has initiated various analyses to better understand the market for online language courses.

In support of these efforts Mainlevel implemented a target group analysis of German language learners from across Indonesia. The methodological approach was led by the principles of DesignThinking.

Mainlevel's contribution

  • Workshops with staff members to determine and verify personas among the target group
  • Focus Group Discussions with existing and potential participants, sampled in accordance with the defined personas
  • Indonesian-wide representative survey among German language course participants following the "Theory of Planned Behaviour" to gain a better understanding of the target groups´ expectations, motivation and reasons for choosing a language course
  • Development of recommendations on the setup of languages courses and marketing campaigns to increase the number of course participants
Client:Goethe InstitutGoethe
Timeframe: 09/2021 - 12/2021